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Wanderful is a leading collective of travelers and travel content creators on a mission to make travel better for all women worldwide.

Our work is about more than just helping women travel the world: it's about making sure that all women are included and represented correctly.

This includes:

  • women who work in the travel industry
  • women who are building a new future of travel as creators
  • women who are affected by travel in local communities
  • women of various intersections and identities, especially those beyond the mainstream

That's why you'll see us leading conversations about important topics like DEI, activism, and responsibility; why we talk about sustainability, social justice, and social impact; and how identity and intersectionality are at the heart of our work as a community of women and allies.

Wanderful members regularly challenge ourselves -- and each other -- to think and do better, advocating for a better world for all of us through thoughtful dialogue, a celebration of difference, and a global mindset that travels much farther than our trips.

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